What is Virtual Courts, How to Pay Challan Online?

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What is Virtual Court?

Virtual Court: – In 2020 March, after the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in India, a lockdown was imposed across the country to prevent infection. The work of the judiciary, along with various government offices, was stalled due to the lockdown. In consultation with the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology, India started a virtual court to run the judiciary’s work smoothly.

A virtual court is a concept whereby plaintiffs, defendants and lawyers are not required to physically appear before the court during the hearing of the case. However, during the hearing case, the plaintiff, the defendant and their lawyers have to appear in court proceedings. In a virtual court system, all parties are connected to the court through video conferencing at the time of court hearings. That is, all parties can join the judicial process from their home. Virtual Court Challan Online payment

In short, it is an electronic platform where all the parties are connected to the court through an online medium. Through a virtual court, a person can present his side and pay the fee or fine (virtual court challan) online. Litigate can view the status of its case online through various channels.

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