Avoid Potential Parcel Problems

Sending parcels, particularly if you ship a lot of them is not without problems. Indeed just one package (And it is always the low value one that goes missing, or gets damaged, that contains the item that is most needed by your customer) problem can turn a good day into a bad one.

So what can you do to avoid any parcel shipping problems?

Well the first thing has to be effective parcel tracking, if you are shipping critical items to a customer then you ideally need to know where your parcel is in transit at all times. Send Parcels to USA

Nearly all major parcel couriers now offer GPS tracking, enabling you to see where the van carrying your parcel is in real time. And best of all most of them offer this service for free, so if your parcel courier offers this service then make sure you use it. It can enable you to instantly pinpoint where your parcel is when a customer complains that they have not yet received the goods.

Adequately packing your parcels – Simply put, you need to ensure that your parcels have adequate packing to ensure they get to their destination safely. If you skimp on packaging for your parcel then you may well find it gets damaged in transit. And if it gets damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging, then you will most likely end up picking up the bill, and not the parcel courier.

To avoid major parcel delivery problems you should also ensure that you have a parcels returns policy already in place, as this will save you a lot of time dealing with customer queries in the event of dealing with a problem parcel.


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